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                                                                                            DOVER MUSEUM

Market Square, Dover, Kent, CT16-1PH

Telephone – 01304 201066

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Opening Times-

Monday – Saturday 09.30 – 17.00hrs throughout the year.

Sunday (April – September) 10.00 – 15.00hrs / closed October – March.

Closed 25th-26th December and 1st January




There is a small shop selling items, open whilst the museum is open.


There is regular bus and train to Dover, plus car-parking.

Anglo-Saxon/Englisc Exhibits

There is an Anglo-Saxon display amongst other displays in this very interesting museum.

The stand alone item in the Anglo-Saxon display is the magnificent Saxon ring which is estimated to be from the mid-sixth century.

It was discovered in a Saxon rubbish layer near Dover`s Market Street in 1972 by the CIB Archaeological Rescue Corps, during the York Street dual carriageway.

The ring has a garnet stone set in a gold quatrefoil bezel and is decorated with wire gold and granulated gold. it is one of the best preserved and most impressive Saxon ring found in England. It probably belonged to a senior member of the court of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Kent.

Archaeological discoveries indicate that Dover must have been an important Saxon centre. There have been some spectacular local Anglo-Saxon finds including the Priory Hill Brooch, the Old Park Silver Gilt Horned Mount and the Buckland Anglo-Saxon Cemetery. Many of these are now on display in the Dover Museum, including a selection of the find from the 400 Saxon graves excavated at Buckland in 1951 and 1999.