APPENDIX TWO The Mayflower Pilgrims

THE FOLLOWING list of the Mayflower’s passengers is compiled from William Bradford’s book, Of Plymouth Plantation. The head of each party is named on the left, and the members of his party on the right. Those Pilgrims whose names appear in italics perished during theirfirst winter in New Plymouth (1620-21).

John Carver Catherine, his wife ; two manservants, John Howland and Roger Wilder; a boy called William Latham; an unnamed manservant ; and a child, Jasper More.
William Brewster His wife Mary, and sons Love and Wrasling ; a boy Richard More and his brother.
Edward Winslow His wife Elizabeth; manservants George Sowle and Elias Story, a girl Ellen (sister of Richard More in Brewster’s party).
William Bradford His wife Dorothy.
Isaac Allerton His wife Mary and their three children,Bartholomew, Remember, and Mary; also a servant boy called John Hooke.
Samuel Fuller His manservant William Butten (who died during the voyage).
John Crackston His son, John.
Capt. Miles Standish His wife Rose.
Christopher Martin His wife (unnamed-) and two servants, Solomon Prower and John Langmore.
William Mullins His wife and two children, Joseph and Priscilla; also a servant, Robert Carter.
William White His wife Susanna and one son, Resolved; also one child born during the voyage, Peregrine; two servants William Holbeck and Edward Thomson.
Steven Hopkins His wife Elizabeth and children, Giles, Constanta, Damaris and Oceanus; also servants, Edward Doty and Edward Lister.
Richard Warren
John Billington His wife Ellen and sons, John and Francis.
Edward Tillie His wife Anne, and two young cousins, Henry Samson and Humility Cooper.
John Tillie His wife Elizabeth and their daughter.
Francis Cook His son John.
Thomas Rogers His son Joseph.
Thomas Tinker His wife and son (both unnamed).
John Rigdale His wife Alice.
James Chilton His wife Mary and one unnamed daughter.
Edward Fuller His wife (unnamed) and son Samuel.
John Turner Two unnamed sons.
Francis Eaton His wife Sarah and young son Samuel.
Moses Fletcher His party included John Goodman, Thomas Williams, Digerie Priest, Edmund Marger­son, Peter Browne, Richard Britteridge, Richard Clarke, Richard Gardiner and Gilbert Winslow.
John Alden
In addition four sailors: John Allerton, Thomas English, William Trevor, and (?) Ely.